Tuesday, September 08, 2009


This past May I had my 2nd prom photo session with a few of our senior girls. I had a really great time and the girls rocked some photos... I hope, if anything, that the girls felt as beautiful as they looked - correction: as they always look.

Christiana. sometimes "Tiana". Quite the looker.

Minoka. a Sri Lankan beauty.

Stephanie. stunning rocker chick. tats and all.

Kelly. timeless beauty.

Speaking of proms... At our big youth event, DNow, we had a Nerd Prom. Let me just say... it was the sweetest dance event I have ever been at. Limbo. 80's rock. nerd prom queen and king. prince and princess. meatloaf. the worm and a dance-off.

jump on it.

king & queen.

prince & princess. sweet headgear.

Luau "photo-booth"

my "handsome" date.
so much better than the real prom.

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